001 EURO

On the way in to work this morning, as I got on the motorway at Bertem, I saw a silver Audi in front of me whose numberplate was “001 EURO”. Immediately I wondered whose it might be – the speaker of the Belgian parliament’s car has the “A.001” numberplate or something similar, but this must be a Eurocrat as they get those blue-inked plates (most Belgian ones are pink). Weaving through the motorway traffic I got close enough to squint sideways at the driver through heavily tinted glass, but it was nobody I recognised. Of course, maybe it was a publicity stunt for the Audi.

One thought on “001 EURO

  1. Cheers, Conal! Yes, I agree with you. There were dark mutterings at the time that the Shinners weren’t trying all that hard, because it rather suited them to have two Unionists elected rather than their transfers bring in the SDLP, but myself I don’t really believe that any party wouldn’t attempt to maximise its vote (as indeed they did).

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