2003 EL61

Wow! A new trans-Neptunian object maybe twice the size of Pluto! That would make it the largest object found in the Solar System since Neptune in 1846!

Things smaller than Mars but at least as big as Pluto:

Name What How big When found
Ganymede satellite of Jupiter 5262 km 1610
Titan satellite of Saturn 5150 km 1655
Mercury planet 4879 km prehistoric
Callisto satellite of Jupiter 4820 km 1610
2003 EL61 ?planet ?4500 km 2005
Io satellite of Jupiter 3642 km 1610
Luna satellite of Earth 3476 km prehistoric
Europa satellite of Jupiter 3121 km 1610
Triton satellite of Neptune 2706 km 1846
Pluto planet 2390 km 1930

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