2008 books poll

This is the list of books I’ve read this year – please tick if you have read (including started but not finished) any of them They are blocked out by category, and (except for the very last section) ranked in order of appearances in the LibraryThing catalogue. Books in italics have a female author or editor credited. I’ve split two collections (by Roald Dahl and Dav Pilkey) where their components appeared to be better known; interestingly, this wasn’t the case for Cherryh or Moorcock. A more analytical post is on its way, explaining which ones I actually liked.

One thought on “2008 books poll

  1. I’ve seen it speculated that it might have been Fiona Gaunt, cast by Barry Letts in Moonbase Three not long afterwards. I think that the next issue of Nothing at the End of the Lane is to contain an article examining the question.

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