2022 Hugo statistics

The full statistics document for this year, mainly by me, is available here.


2235 final ballots and 1368 nominating ballots were received, consistent with 2020 and 2021, less than the 2014-2020 period, more than any year before 2014.

No particularly close results for the top spot. Best Editor Long Form was decided by a margin of 26 votes, and Best Semiprozine by a margin of 27. 

At lower placings, there was a tie for 5th place in the Best Fanzine category, and 5th place in the Best Fancast category was decided by a margin of one vote.

In 16 categories out of 19, the finalist with most first preferences won. Two rose from second place and one from third. 

  • Five nominees declined nomination or were not eligible in Best Editor Long Form.
  • Two nominees declined nomination or were not eligible in Best Professional Artist.
  • One nominee declined nomination in each of Best Novella and Best Fan Writer.
  • One nominee was disqualified in each of Best Graphic Story or Comic and Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. 

The last place on the ballot in the following categories was decided by a single vote: Best Graphic Story or Comic; Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form; Best Editor Long Form; Best Semiprozine; and Best Fan Artist.

The last place on the ballot in the following categories was decided by a margin of two votes: Best Novelette; Best Short Story; Best Series; Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form; Best Professional Artist; and Best Fan Writer.

Best Novel

A Desolation Called Peace was only 14 votes ahead of Light from Uncommon Stars in the first round but finished with a margin of 128. Light From Uncommon Stars came second, A Master of Djinn third, The Galaxy, and the Ground Within fourth and She Who Became the Sun fifth, by just seven votes; Project Hail Mary came sixth despite having the third highest number of first preferences.

At nominations stage, A Desolation Called Peace was also way ahead. Perhaps the Stars, by Ada Palmer, would have qualified with five more bullet votes. 

One of three categories where I voted for the winner myself.

Best Novella

A Psalm for the Wild-Built started with a lead of 70 over Elder Race and finished with a decisive lead of 236. Elder Race came second, The Past Is Red third, A Spindle Splintered fourth, Across the Green Grass Fields fifth and Fireheart Tiger sixth, also exactly the order by number of first preferences.

Fugitive Telemetry, by Martha Wells, topped the nominations poll, but she declined, bringing Elder Race onto the ballot. Comfort Me with Apples, by Cat Valente, and Remote Control, by Nnedi Okorafor, both missed nomination by 9 votes.

Another category where I voted for the winner.

Best Novelette

“Bots of the Lost Ark” won by a substantial margin, a first round lead of 103 over L’Esprit de L’Escalier extending to a final count lead of 275. “Unseelie Brothers, Ltd” came second (I voted for it myself), “Colors of the Immortal Palette” third, “That Story isn’t the Story” fourth, L’Esprit de l’Escalier fifth despite having the second highest number of first preferences, and “O2 Arena” sixth. 

The nominations count was very different, with “That Story Isn’t the Story” topping the poll and the eventual winner in fourth place. “Mulberry and Owl”, by Aliette de Bodard, missed nomination by two votes, one of six categories where this was the case.

Best Short Story

“Where Oaken Hearts Do Gather” started with a lead of 51 over “Mr Death” and finished with a lead of 69. “Mr Death” came second, “Unknown Number” (my own choice) third, “Proof by Induction” fourth, “The Sin of America” fifth by. Three-vote margin and “Tangles” sixth.

“Where Oaken Hearts Do Gather” was also ahead at nominations. This was another category where the last spot was decided by a margin of two votes, the loser this time being “The Cold Calculations”, by Aimee Ogden.

Best Series

Wayward Children started 236 votes ahead of The World of the White Rat, and finished 276 votes ahead, the biggest winning margin of the night. The World of the White Rat came second, The Green Bone Saga third, Terra Ignotafourth, The Kingston Cycle fifth and Merchant Princes (my own choice) sixth.

Wayward Children was also far ahead at nominations stage. We had some head-scratching with the vote tally, as we are not allowed to tally votes for a sub-series together with votes for that series, But the numbers came together for World of the White Rat to take the final place, and Seanan McGuire missed a second place on the ballot for Incryptidby just two votes. 

Best Graphic Story or Comic

Far Sector started with a 105 vote lead over Monstress v6 and extended it to 120 on the final count. Monstress v6 came second, Lore Olympus third, Die v4 fourth, Once and Future v3 fifth and Strange Adventures sixth.

Seanan McGuire topped the nominations poll with Ghost Spider: Party People, but our research indicated clearly that it had been published in 2020 so was not eligible. That brought Strange Adventures onto the ballot. The Girl From the Sea, by Molly Ostertag, missed that place by one vote, one of five categories where this was the case.

Myself I love Once and Future, and voted for it, and also did not understand the lack of love for Strange Adventures, which I quite enjoyed without necessarily considering it a masterpiece.

Best Related Work

Being Seen started 30 votes ahead of Never Say You Can’t Survive, but performed poorly on transfers, ending 53 votes behind. Being Seen then took second place, “How Twitter Can Ruin a Life” came third, Dangerous Visions and New Worlds (my own choice) fourth, The Complete Debarkle fifth and True Believer sixth. 

It was a different story at nominations, with The Complete Debarkle topping the poll and the eventual winner Never Say You Can’t Survive third. F. Brett Cox’s Roger Zelazny missed the ballot by four votes.

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form

Dune started 176 votes ahead of WandaVision and finished with a diminished margin of 141. WandaVison came second, Encanto third, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (my own choice) fourth, The Green Knight fifth and Space Sweepers sixth.

Dune was also way ahead at nominations stage. Spiderman: No Way Home missed the ballot by two votes.

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form

The Expanse: Nemesis Games started 81 votes ahead of Loki: The Nexus Event and finished 76 votes ahead. The Nexus Event came second; Star Trek Lower Decks: wej Duj (which I voted for) came third; For All Mankind: The Grey came fourth, The Wheel of Time: The Flame of Tar Valon fifth and Arcane: The Monster You Created sixth.

Nemesis Games also topped the poll at nominations stage. Second place went to the WandaVision episode Previously On, but the whole WandaVision series also had enough votes to qualify for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form, so we disqualified the episode (which had only 32 nominations, compared to 104 for the series) allowing wej Duj to take its place on the ballot. The Loki episode Journey Into Mystery missed that spot by a single vote.

Best Editor Short Form

Neil Clarke started eight votes behind Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki, but picked up transfers to finish 41 ahead. Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki took second place by 7 votes ahead of Mur Lafferty and S.B. Divya, who then came third. Sheree Renée Thomas came fourth, Jonathan Strahan fifth and Sheila Williams sixth.

Neil Clarke topped the poll at nominations stage. Scott Andrews would have needed 6 more bullet votes to qualify.

Best Editor Long Form

Ruoxi Chen started on 155 votes to 168 for Navah Wolfe and 160 for Patrick Nielsen Hayden, but picked up transfers to finish 26 votes in front of Navah Wolfe, the closest result of the night (not all that close in fact). Navah Wolfe came second, Patrick Nielsen Hayden third, Sarah Guan fourth, Nivia Evans fifth and Brit Hvide sixth. 

Ruoxi Chen had also topped the poll at nominations stage; but we had an extraordinary situation where one of the top six nominees declined and two of the others told us that they were not eligible. Two more of the next five nominees also told us that they were not eligible, so the sixth place on the ballot went to voters’ eleventh preference. Three nominees, K.B. Spangler, Carl Engle-Laird and Oliver Johnson, could have got that last place with one more vote.

This category had the highest proportion of votes for No Award. I have Thoughts about this, which I will develop in due course.

Best Professional Artist

Rovina Cai started 16 votes ahead of Maurizio Manzieri but finished with a margin of 110. Alyssa Winans came second, Tommy Arnold third, Ashley Mackenzie fourth, Maurizio Manzieri fifth despite having the second highest number of first preferences (including mine) and Will Staehle sixth.

Things were very different at nominations stage. Alyssa Winans topped the poll, and the eventual winner, Rovina Cai, had the equal third highest number of first preferences and came fifth on the EPH ranking. We also had John Picacio declining nomination and Galen Dara informing us that she was not eligible; their places were taken by Will Staehle and Tommy Arnold. Iris Compiet would have qualified with two more votes.

Best Semiprozine

Uncanny was 58 votes ahead of FIYAH on the first count, reduced to 27 at the end, the second closest result of the night. FIYAH came second, Strange Horizons third, Escape Pod fourth, Beneath Ceaseless Skies fifth and PodCastle sixth, the same as the order by first preferences.

This was also almost exactly the same order as the nominations ranking, except that Escape Pod was fourth and Beneath Ceaseless Skies fifth. Mermaids Monthly missed the ballot by one vote.

Best Fanzine

Small Gods had a lead of 108 on the first count over the Unofficial Hugo Book Club Blog, and ended with a margin of 56. The Unofficial Hugo Book Club Blog came second, Journey Planet third, Galactic Journey fourth, and The Full Lid and Quick Sip Reviews tied for fifth place, the only tie anywhere this year.

Nominations were very different, with the Unofficial Hugo Book Club Blog  way in the lead and the eventual winner, Small Gods, getting the fewest number of nominating votes among finalists, though ending up fourth under EPH ranking. Black Nerd Problems would  have qualified with three more votes.

Best Fancast

Our Opinions Are Correct, hosted by the MCs of the Hugo ceremony, was 88 votes ahead of Hugo, Girl! on the first count and won by 136 votes. Worldbuilding for Masochists got a lot of OOAC transfers and came second by three votes over Hugo, Girl!Hugo, Girl! came third, The Coode Street Podcast fourth, Octothorpe fifth by a single vote and Be The Serpent sixth.

Nominations were very different with The Coode Street Podcast top and Our Opinions Are Correct fifth. The Skiffy and Fanty Show would have qualified with 4 more votes.

Best Fan Writer 

Cora Buhlert had a lead of 32 votes (one of them mine – thi was the third category where I voted for the winner) over Bitter Karella on the first round, but ended 102 votes ahead of Jason Sanford on the last round. Jason Sanford came second, Paul Weimer third and Bitter Karella fourth despite having the second highest number of first preferences. Chris Barkley came fifth and Alex Brown sixth.

Cora Buhlert was also way ahead at nominations, and second-placed Camestros Felapton withdrew, bringing Jason Sanford onto the ballot. Amanda Cherry would have needed two more bullet votes for that slot.

Best Fan Artist

Lee Moyer had proportionally the best first preference result of any finalist, starting 106 ahead of Sara Felix and finishing 43 ahead of her. Sara Felix came second, Nilah Magruder third, Iain Clark fourth, Lorelei Esther fifth and Ariel Housman sixth.

At nominations, Iain Clark had the most votes and Sara Felix ranked top under EPH, with Lee Moyer, the winner, third. Richard Man would have qualified with one more vote.

Lodestar Award

The Last Graduate started 80 votes ahead of Iron Widow and finished 55 votes ahead. Iron Widow came second, Chaos on Catnet (my own choice) third, Victories Greater than Death fourth, A Snake Falls to Earth fifth and Redemptor sixth.

At nominations, Iron Widow had the most votes, but The Last Graduate was top under EPH. Along the Saltwise Sea, by A. Deborah Blake, was 14 votes adrift, the biggest gap in any category between finalists and non-finalists.

Astounding Award

Shelley Parker-Chan started 36 votes aehad of Micaiah Johnson and finished with a lead of 7. Micaiah Johnson came second, Xiran Jay Zhao third, Tracy Deonn fourth, A.K. Larkwood (my own chice) fifth and Everine Maxwell sixth.

Shelley Parker-Chan was also far ahead at nominations. Gautam Bhatia missed the last spot on the ballot by four votes.

We decided to include a bunch more statistics at the end, including showing how many categories voters engaged with, and how many nominations and final ballot preferences were given by voters in each category. I’d welcome feedback about what else could be included, without risking confidentiality.