An old friend came to visit us yesterday. A contemporary of ours at Cambridge, he has spent the last fifteen years since graduation not really doing much; got a Master’s degree after several years of nothing, now has a ten-year-old Ph D thesis, not completed. It was nice to see him again, of course, and rekindle the old friendship; but also somewhat depressing for his sake. He’s never had a real job and has been able to survive due to the fact that his family are pretty wealthy; but that is now running out, and his relatively recently acquired girlfriend is suggesting increasingly strongly that he should get a life.

If my family had been richer, that could easily have been me.

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  1. I think that’s right, though (IIRC) with the caveat that if she had stood for the leadership, that would have triggered an election for the leadership.

    It’s the same situation as the Liberal Democrats – Ming ceased to be Deputy in 2006 when he announced his candidacy for the leadership, but Vince Cable retained the role when Clegg became leader as he hadn’t stood for the leadership.

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