A Matter of Life and Death, by George Mann, Emma Vieceli and Hi Fi

Second frame of third part:

Continuing my journey through my substantial backlog of Doctor Who comics, I’m now at this Eighth Doctor collection from 2016. I have generally rated George Mann poorly as a writer, and so I am glad to say that I really enjoyed these five linked stories, in which the Eighth Doctor finds a young artist squatting in his country house and takes her on a series of adventures. The third, in which sinister entities emerge from mirrors, is particularly good.

My one complaint is that artist Emma Vieceli’s depiction of the Eighth Doctor doesn’t look a lot like Paul McGann. (The cover is by someone else, I think.)

But otherwise this came as a pleasant surprise and I will give George Mann’s work at least a second glance in future. You can get it here.

Next up: the Ninth Doctor in Weapons of Past Destruction.