A new perversion

Dan Savage writes a frank and robust syndicated column every week in which he advises readers about sex acts which I usually have not even heard of before let alone ever participated in. But in this week’s column he has met his match: “rarely do I get a question about a subject, sex act, position, kink, or bodily fluid that I’ve never had the pleasure of addressing before. But your question, PWW, is definitely a first. And a treat! … That’s the kind of question I live for! I almost hate to admit it — I mean, I don’t want you to think I’m as sick a fuck as your grandmother is — but I was thrilled to receive your letter. Thrilled!”

Though in fairness there’s no real evidence that the grandmother is getting off on it.

One thought on “A new perversion

  1. Margaret of Parma was a very interesting woman. I’d love to write a book about her someday.

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