A Princess of Roumania, by Paul Park

Second paragraph of third chapter:


I’m afraid that I gave up on this not quite half way through; it seemed to me a fairly standard portal fantasy, similar to say the Fionnavar Tapestry, with the difference that where I thought Kay took the established Arthurian mythos and did vaguely interesting things with it, Park didn’t really do much with Romanian lore and if anything veered very close to stereotype territory in the portrayal of a lot of the characters. I’ve read many better examples of this sort of story, and so I moved on.

This had bubbled to the top of my list both as the most popularbook on Librarything on my unread shelves from 2009 acquisitions, and also the sf book which had lingered longest on those shelves. Next in the first category is George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt, by Lucy Hawking with Stephen Hawking; next in the second category is The Hidden War, by Michael Armstrong.