A sign of the times?

Just looked in on the American Bookstore (or “International Bookstore”, as it has rebranded itself) on the Rechter Wienzeile here in Vienna. On previous visits I’ve found it a very pleasant place to browse, but came away with nothing this time; the SF section seems to be less than half its former size, with chick-lit filling much of the gap.

I asked the man behind the counter (the proprietor, I suppose) if I was right to think they had cut back in that area. He confirmed my suspicions, adding that most SF fans (in Vienna, at least) are now shopping on the internet.


One thought on “A sign of the times?

  1. That could explain it. I do see a lot of their books in used bookstores here in Canada.

    They are also both more on the F side than the SF side, at least judging by book covers/names. Someone who reads mostly SF can be excused from not having heard of them.

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