Alphabet meme

A: Accent – Rather odd. English people can usually tell I’m Irish, though few manage to identify my Belfast upbringing. On the other hand Denis Donaldson, recently unmasked British agent within Sinn Fein, accused me of having an upper class English accent. (I told him he should get out more. Which was a bit unfair of me, given his bail conditions.)

B: Breakfast – If I make time for it, poached egg on toast. If in New York I always try and make sure I have a decent New York breakfast (since my body clock thinks it’s lunchtime).

C: Chore you hate – All of them. Especially cleaning the toilet.

D: Dad’s name – John.

E: Essential everyday item – Slippers.

F: Flavour ice cream – Mint chocolate chip.

G: Gold or silver – No strong preference. Both please.

H: Hometown – Belfast. More specifically Finaghy. (With a side order of Loughbrickland, Co Down, the ancestral home.)

I: Insomnia – Often generated by children.

J: Job Title – Programme Director for Europe.

K: Kids – Three.

M: Mother’s birthplace – Dublin.

N: Number of Significant Others – One.

O: Overnight hospital stays – None.

P: Phobia – Brain surgery.

Q: Queer – No.

R: Religious affiliation – Catholic.

S: Siblings – One of each.

T: Time you wake up – Aim for 0730.

U: Unnatural hair colours – No. And dwindling hair. (“Lord! I am afflicted by a Bald Patch!”)

V: Vegetable you refuse to eat – Spinach, unless cooked with garlic (or woth cheese).

W: Worst habit – Picking my nose all the time.

X: X-rays – Teeth. And occasional chest.

Y: Yummy – Georgian food.

Z: Zodiac sign – Taurus.

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  1. Didn’t know about the David Fisher novelization of The Stones of Blood — that sounds like a Good Idea.

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