…and I complained about Amazon…

A Greek nationalist wingnut has discovered my GoodReads review of Fields of Wheat, Hills of Blood: Passages to Nationhood in Greek Macedonia, 1870-1990. Note my careful point-by-point rebuttal of the arguments made by ‘Mike’. Please don’t feel under any obligation to engage him.

By the way, I noticed just as I was deleting it that someone had posted another comment to my Amazon review of Des Ekin’s book, where the first commenter accused me of being part of the Belgian conspiracy to further the interests of global jihad. If that was one of you guys leaping in to defend me, thank you for doing so; I’m afraid I had deleted the review before thinking to look at the new comment.

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  1. glitterboy1 says:

    I’m late in commenting, but I really wanted to, because it was so splendid to see you again and to talk. There were many good things about the weekend, but that was very definitely one of them.

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