…and the pig got up and slowly walked away

I met Nigel Farage this evening.

As I ws leaving my office, I bumped into an old friend who was in Brussels for the day on a Sekrit Mission. We had not seen each other for some time, so we repaired to the nearest pub for a swift Grimbergen. The next group to come into the pub after us was Nigel Farage and four or five cronies, all very hooray-ish. I shrank back in my seat hoping he would just go away.

But, one of the goals of my friend’s Sekrit Mission was precisely to meet with Nigel Farage, and repeated emails had failed to secure a meeting, so he seized the opportunity and dragged Farage over to our table for a quick word. We shook hands; I have washed mine several times since.

Farage said that because of the situation in Britain, he is spending only a day a week in Brussels, so we were lucky (or unlucky, depending how you look at it) to catch him. O, fortunate constituents of Nigel Farage! He can only manage one day a week doing the job you elected him to do. Still, I’m sure that he is only collecting a fifth of his salary, in proportion to his commitment to the work.

He will not support my friend’s Sekrit Mission either, but at least my friend can now report back to his employers that Contact Has Been Made,

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  1. I also recommend, if you haven’t read it, Three Guineas, which in places reads a bit as if she’d removed the angrier bits from A Room of One’s Own and put them all together.

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