…and two more things

One of the things the village does as part of the village fete is an activity called “Kunst in ‘t Dorp”, where various residents open their homes to the public to view works of art on display. Usually these are artists from the locality but not the village: but this year the couple who live opposite us threw open their house to show off his paintings. They are mostly nudes. There is no possible doubt as to who their subject is. She has just taken up a place on the village council (replacing a fellow Green Party member who resigned). Any of her fellow councillors who discharged their civic duties by visiting the exhibit will no doubt find their thoughts wandering at future council meetings.

On a completely different tack, the last two nights have been pretty grim, with the two girls winding each other up to screaming matches after bedtime. (Neither, of course, can talk or really listen; Ursula fears, with good reason, that Bridget may pull her hair, and Bridget just hates loud noises anyway and gets upset if Ursula starts yelling.) Also they’ve then taken turns to wake in the small hours and require at least one of us to get up to look after them. I hope it’s just a combination of the sultry weather and the disruption to routine of staring school (and I suppose my own week-long absence). I hope they succumb to a more normal sleeping pattern tonight.

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  1. steve_mollmann says:

    East Lynne is perhaps the prototypical Victorian melodrama. I haven’t read the novel, but I have read the stage version, and it is astoundingly terrible.

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