Another indictment

I see my friend Jadranko Prlic has been indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity. This came as little surprise to anyone who knew what he was up to in Mostar during the war. I only got to know him more recently when he was foreign minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and he had been trying reasonably hard to work himself into a different political space, by distancing himself from his former ultra-nationalist party and trying to inject an intellectual component into Bosnian foreign policy. But the past always catches up with you in the end…

One thought on “Another indictment

  1. It’s sad to read that with regard to the GREEK Cypriots – nothing ever changes. They along with their mainland Greek allies were as blinkered and pig-headed when I lived on Crete in the 1980’s. What will it take, I wonder, for them to wake up and realise that time has moved on a compromise solution is the only solution that will work.

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