April Books 14) EU Constitution: the Rubicon of Supranational, by Blerim Reka

This is an academic text on EU integration written by the current Macedonian ambassador to the EU in his native Albanian, with a handy 80-page English summary. It is already a bit dated, and it’s interesting just how much the debate has moved on from early 2007 when it was not at all clear that there would be another EU treaty to replace the failed Constitution, and all kinds of weird ideas were being thrown around (including by me). Reka eschews the temptation to provide his own answers, instead putting a number of questions to the EU from the perspective of a concerned outsider who wants to be an insider in due course. He draws quite a lot on the ideas of Andrew Duff MEP, who contributes a foreword. (I maybe should add that I know both Reka and Duff quite well.) It would have been more helpful for the English-speaking reader if Reka had got a native speaker to smooth out his prose, but we are not his primary audience, and I hope the students in Tetovo are grateful for his efforts.

One thought on “April Books 14) EU Constitution: the Rubicon of Supranational, by Blerim Reka

  1. 1800 was before the Twelfth Amendment had been proposed (and in deed was largely why it was proposed). The Twelfth Amendment itself is not clear on this question, but the 1825 election was conducted by the newly elected House and the Twentieth Amendment was intended to settle the issue (though again doesn’t clearly state this on its face). More detail here.

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