April Books

Non-fiction 6 (YTD 19)
Adventures with the Wife in Space, by Neil Perryman
Anglicising the Government of Ireland, by Jon Crawford
Understanding the Lord of the Rings, eds. Rose A. Zimbardo & Neil D. Isaacs
Homage to Catalonia, by George Orwell
Other People’s Countries, by Patrick McGuinness
Need for Certainty, by Robert Towler

Fiction (non-sf) 4 (YTD 12)
Buddenbrooks, by Thomas Mann
Revelation, by C. J. Sansom
The Good Husband of Zebra Drive, by Alexander McCall Smith
Cheese, by Willem Elsschot

SF (non-Who) 5 (YTD 27)
Any Given Doomsday, by Lori Handeland
Inverted World, by Christopher Priest
Deathless, by Cat Valente
The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, by Neil Gaiman
Assassin’s Quest, by Robin Hobb

Doctor Who 4 (YTD 26)
Amorality Tale, by David Bishop
Return of the Living Dad, by Kate Orman
Hope, by Mark Clapham
A Handful of Stardust, by Jake Arnott

Comics 1 (YTD 3)
Aldébaran #5: La Créature, by Leo

~6,300 pages (YTD ~26,300)
5/20 (YTD 24/85) by women (Zimbardo, Handeland, Valente, Hobb, Orman)
0/20 (YTD 2/85) by PoC

Reread: 1/20 (YTD 3/85) (Inverted World)

Reading now:
10 Billion Days & 100 Billion Nights, by Ryu Mitsuse
The Empress of Mars, by Kage Baker
Neptune’s Brood, by Charles Stross

Coming soon (perhaps):
The Finches of Mars, by Brian Aldiss
Cyberabad Days, by Ian McDonald
Goodbye To Berlin, by Christopher Isherwood
The Road to Middle-Earth, by Tom Shippey
Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, by Mary and Bryan Talbot 
Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert
Green Living for Dummies, by Michael Grosvenor
Flora Segunda, by Ysabeau S. Wilce
The Secret Agent, by Joseph Conrad
Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand, by Samuel R. Delany
The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein, by Theodore Roszak
Orbitsville by Bob Shaw
Death in Venice, by Thomas Mann
Ireland Under the Tudors, by Richard Bagwell
Desert Wisdom, by Henri J.M. Nouwen
A Guide to Tolkien, by David Day
Brussel in beeldekes
Crash, by J. G. Ballard
Teenage Religion and Values, by Leslie J. Francis
Dawn, by Octavia E. Butler
Rogue Queen, by L. Sprague de Camp
[Doctor Who] Island Of Death by Barry Letts
[Doctor Who] The Death of Art by Simon Bucher-Jones
[Doctor Who] Anachrophobia by Jonathan Morris