April Books 9) Nu We Hier Toch Zijn

9) Nu We Hier Toch Zijn, by Barbara Stok

Good stuff, scenes from the life of a thirtysomething living in the Dutch town of Groningen, mainly about funny things that happened to her walking down the street, at a gig, in a bar, drawing comic strips, thinking about drawing comic strips, attempting (unsuccessfully) to meditate, trying out a vibrator with her boyfriend, etc. An example from the book is here, translated into English. Another one partly in English is here.

My favourite page was a three frame story (on page 97). In the first frame she’s cycling to a TV interview, thinking about what she’s going to say, and the writing in the thought bubbles is all neat, orderly and well organised. In the middle frame the camera is on her, and the writing in the speech bubbles shows that she is all over the place, letters changing size and wobbling up and down the page. In the third frame, of course, she’s cycling home again and the writing in the thought bubbles is all neat, orderly and well organised and full of what she should have said to the cameraman. The punchline is that she was actually being interviewed about the increasing use of surveillance cameras (to which she is opposed) in inner-city Groningen:


which I hope gives the idea. It’s the kind of stage fright I often worry about suffering from (but thank heavens rarely do).

The book includes a sticker with a prize offered to the person who sends the publishers a photo of the most original place to have stuck it. An interesting thought…

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  1. *laughs out loud* Okay. I’d seen it linked a bunch of times but only now watched it, and now I’m glad I did. 🙂

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