Asquith’s notes, 31 July 1914

We had a Cabinet at 11 and a very interesting discussion, especially about the neutrality of Belgium and the point upon which everything will ultimately turn – are we to go in or stand aside? Of course everybody longs to stand aside, but I need not say that France, through Cambon, is pressing strongly for a reassuring declaration. Edward Grey had an interview with him this afternoon which he told me was rather painful. He had, of course, to tell Cambon, for we are under no obligation that we could give no pledges and that our actions must depend upon the course of events, including the Belgian question and the direction of public opinion here.

[NB that the French ambassadors in London and Berlin were brothers.]

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  1. I’ve been wondering the last few days if you’ve ever read Expiration Date by Tim Powers? It’s been a while since I’ve read an SF book with a really original story line, and I think you might enjoy this.

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