Astrological correspondence

Doesn’t happen very often, but someone has contacted me about the astrology sections of my website, to teach me the error of my ways:

If you are basing your data on the Gregorian or Julian calendar, you are grossly in error. The instituted calendar in use today is based on the Roman Catholic Church’s purposeful predetermined misinformation to the masses. The astrological planetary alignment at the time of the birth of Christ has already been scientifically and correctly determined, and the historical data derived from scripture and recorded documentation, also, has been determined in the timeline of historic events in conjunction with this planetary alignment.
Any attempt at determining prophetic insight should be based on the correct timeline derived from the base facts of this planetary alignment of the solar system. The progression of the heavenly configurations do not lie, and stand as historic and unalterable fact.

So that’s me told. He also sent me a link to his website. Glorious.

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