August Books 10) The Child Garden

10) The Child Garden, by Geoff Ryman

This was one of the sf classics I resolved to read at the start of the year. It is a visionary tale of a future world where life is short, set in the London theatrical community where the central character has managed to escape the absorption into the collective unconsciousness undergone by all her contemporaries. I especially liked its rootedness in the future geography of London, and the exploration of art, creativity and personality. I wasn’t quite so sure about the characterisation or plot.

Bechdel test: an easy pass. The first dialogue in the book has the viewpoint character discussing theatrical costumes with a female friend.

One thought on “August Books 10) The Child Garden

  1. I seem to have missed everything but this episode.
    It is hilarious, and most interestingly gives me an argument to stop $child swearing too much (not now, but when this happens later on in life): swearing to control pain only works if you don’t swear too often.

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