August Books 11) Les Liaisons Dangereuses, by Choderlos de Laclos

I enjoyed this much more than On The Road. Even if I hadn’t seen two of the cinema versions (the ones with Glenn Close and Sarah Michelle Gellar), I think I would have found this a compelling tale. At first it seems to be a straightforward tale of manipulation and hypocrisy, with Merteuil and Valmont exercising respectively feminine and masculine wiles over their various prey. But the twists start to appear in the last quarter of the book, when Valmont’s very successes trigger a change of his own attitude, and Merteuil fails to catch onto what is happening in time to prevent his death and save her own reputation. Everyone comes out damaged or dead, with the exception of the odious PrĂ©van who has played the game and won (but even so, his victory may be short lived). Yeah, I admit it is totally heteronormative and moralistic, but it is still a great read.

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  1. mcbadger says:

    I hated Orbis for the end – couldn’t buy the Doctor making a decision with such terrible consequences for the only people he could remember existing, and just casually shrugging it off and hopping back in the Tardis for a bit more travelling.

    This very late comment brought to you courtesy of checking your reviews to decide which of the Eighth Doctor sale items to buy.

    This is Dom McIntyre posting, incidentally, if you can’t identify me from the not-exactly-obvious self-portrait in the avatar.

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