August Books 28) The Ring of Steel, by Stephen Cole

Stephen Cole has rarely disappointed me, and I thought that this was one of the better Doctor Who audiobooks out there: read by Arthur “Rory” Darville, whose own character isn’t actually in it, we have the Eleventh Doctor and Amy getting mixed up in an environmental protest in the Orkney Islands and discovering, inevitably, that there are aliens behind the new technology involved. But it’s not quite your standard alien invasion story – turns out in fact to be rather a clever plot, assisted by excellent sound effects and other incidentals. Strongly recommended.

One thought on “August Books 28) The Ring of Steel, by Stephen Cole

  1. Unfortunately, Aslund seems to oversimplify the situation on the ground. Relations with Moldova were one of the less paranoid aspects of Russia’s CIS policy (apart from the uncompromising desire to maintain at least some form of military presence), while Transnistria was arguably the most Kremlin-despised of all the partially recognized states (e.g. with Smirnov’s son becoming a criminal subject right before the presidential election). Neither mentioned are the plentiful policy U-turns by Voronin.

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