Those of you who have seen my occasional rants on this subject on rasfw will be aware that I don’t take the Nebulas seriously, take the Hugos a little more seriously, and always find the winners of the Arthur C. Clarke and BSFA awards worthy of note.

This year’s shortlists for the two UK-based awards are now out, and I’ve read only one book on either short-list. I would very much like people’s feedback if they have read any of the following:

on both shortlists
Pattern Recognition
, by William Gibson; I’m not really a Gibson fan but got this for my brother’s girlfriend for Christmas and reports were positive.
Midnight Lamp, by Gwyneth Jones; was a bit underwhelmed by Bold As Love though impressed by its first section, “The Salt Box”.
Maul, by Tricia Sullivan – I know nothing about the author or the book!

on BSFA shortlist only
, by Jon Courtenay Grimwood – on my “must buy” list based on first two in series
Absolution Gap, by Alastair Reynolds – not so overwhelmed by Revelation Space, but should I give him another go?
Natural History, by Justina Robson – much enjoyed her Mappa Mundi.

on ACC shortlist only
, by Stephen Baxter – I usually find Baxter’s flat, detached style very irritating with occasional exceptionsDarwin’s Children, by Greg Bear – I thought Darwin’s Radio, the first in this series, was unimpressive.
Quicksilver, by Neal Stephenson – the one book on either list that I have read; gosh, I hope the second book in the series has a plot! The Claire Tomalin bio of Samuel Pepys, set at the same time and covering some of the same events, was much more fun.

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  1. Yes, I know that. I anticipate that I will be so underwhelmed by Blackout (which I now have thanks to the Hugo Voters Packet) that I will feel no pressing urge to read All Clear before the voting deadline. I must get around to it eventually, since it has now won the Nebula, but can wait until prices drop for second-hand copies.

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