This is more in the nature of a note to self.

Glad to see articles about Azerbaijan in last week’s Economist and yesterday’s FT. I fear however that I cannot fully go along with those who detect a genuine democratic commitment from the country’s leadership. Take for instance today’s article in Kommersant, which finishes:

Speaker of the Azerbaijani parliament Murtuz Aleskerov has proposed a compromise to the opposition. He said that, if the opposition asks seats in the parliament, it will not be refused and will be given as many mandates as they need.
I personally have the naive belief that the number of seats you win in parliament should be determined by the votes cast by the electorate rather than the deal you strike with the government; silly of me, I know…

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  1. the TV series itself is making direct and explict reference to events, concepts, continuity points, planets, companies and foodstuffs from the novels and comics while establishing that Time is in flux (The Unquiet Dead) and that stable facts aren’t meant to exist (Utopia). Which means that if there was a Doctor Who canon (and assuming the Welsh Series was part of it) then it would paradoxically include the fact that there was no Doctor Who canon.

    Is exactly what I was trying to say. Time gets rewritten all the time, and whoever’s currently in charge chooses what counts from the past history depending on circumstance. Ergo trying to fit it all into one definitive book is to miss the point.

    Given it’s been like that since, oh, whenever it was the Daleks got buried for a century and learnt their future history (a real fan would remember the episode names, obviously). Hence, while a brilliant bit of work, it just doesn’t actually work.

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