Back, belatedly

I know you have all been dying to watch my seminar yesterday about the Northern Ireland elections last week. Apparently it is now online here. I haven’t yet watched it so I have no idea how embarrassing it is (or not). (Edited to add: Needs to be illustrated with the Powerpoint.)

I misjudged the time of driving back down to Dublin airport so missed my flight, and had to get the first one back this morning. However, this did have the unexpected benefit of an evening chez , watching our selection of classic Who episodes: he chose The Ambassadors of Death #1 and The Deadly Assassin #1, I picked The Mind Robber #1 and The Dalek Invasion of Earth #3. I had earlier raided his stash of Target novelisations, for reasons which will become clear in due course.

And eventually caught the early plane this morning without incident, and now going home on the train.

One thought on “Back, belatedly

  1. Around here you unavoidably come to appreciate the literary importance of Concord, MA.

    One possible reason for its star falling after the Civil War is that once the abolitionist fight was won, the energy went out of the place to an extent.

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