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As it happens I’m in an internet cafe in the middle of Pristina at the moment. I’m afraid Roger Cohen’s article is fairly accurate. The only extra I would add is this bit

When two Serbs were killed last weekend in a shooting in Kosovo, Kostunica and Boris Tadic, the Serbian president, rushed to issue statements of outrage. In essence, their message was that the incident demonstrated how far Kosovo remains from the basic standards Europe and the United States demand of any community with ambitions to self-governance. They had a point.

From my conversations with international officials here, it’s not clear at all that Albanians, let alone “terrorists” were behind the killings last weekend. The two survivors are not being allowed to talk to the police by the Serbian leadership. Meanwhile the Serbs living in the area where the incident happened have requested increased patrols by the (mostly Albanian) police. Needless to say none of this is reported in Belgrade.

Sure Yugoslavia could have gone a different way; but only if Milosevic had had a different policy, or if he had never come to power.

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  1. niamh_sage says:

    I had no idea ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’ was so old! Mind you, I read it as a child, so it’s probably not that surprising after all.

    There are some interesting-sounding titles among those I haven’t read – I think I’ll be adding a few to my ‘to read’ list.

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