Be nice to your interns

One Friday night in July last year, I had arranged to meet for a drink after work with a Bulgarian friend; as an afterthought I suggested to my then intern that she might come along to meet him, and she did. And they actually got on rather well, and moved in together a few months later. And then last month he sort of accidentally became foreign minister of Bulgaria. So I was rather amused by that.

Ten years ago, I briefly had an intern working on my election website in Northern Ireland – a young woman from Minnesota who was trying a summer in Northern Ireland before going back to the Washington DC career ladder. I can’t claim the credit for introducing her to her husband, but I did smile with nostalgia when she posted on Facebook earlier today the news that they are expecting their second child and it is their wedding anniversary. Oh, and incidentally the news just came through that he’s just been appointed National Security Adviser to the Vice-President of the United States.


(I have career news of my own too, but am saving that up – Facebook friends may have noticed part of it.)

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