Belfast’s Malone Road in 1927

Fascinated, via Slugger, to find this photograph taken in Belfast in 1927.

As pointed out by Mark McGregor in comments here, it’s the corner of the Malone Road and Lennoxvale – the stone pillar and big red brick house behind are still there, and there is still a post box on the same site, though alas not the same one.

One thought on “Belfast’s Malone Road in 1927

  1. What of the businesspeople complaining of new employment law edicts from Brussels coming down every few weeks, or so they claim? One small business near my parents’ claims to be groaning under rules alternately baffling and restrictive. Are they right to think in these terms? Would leaving the EU make things better for them? At the moment, they think so, and no-one is arguing otherwise.

    UKIP’s strong performance in the by-elections at Rotherham and Middlesbrough (I’m still waiting for Croydon North as I type) suggests their emergence as a respectable protest vote for Conservative supporters for reasons beyond and in addition to the Europe issue to me, though they would take some time and careful research to be usefully unpacked.

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