Belgacom: The last straw

Yesterday it became apparent that the office phone had problems yet again; we could not hear outgoing or incoming calls, though the people on the other end could hear us fine.

I went out and bought a new handset (the old one was rather crappy and we needed one with a better loudspeaker anyway), but the problem remained, so clearly it’s something to do with the line.

I called Belgacom’s customer service – after the usual insane delving through their website to find the number – and after 20 minutes on hold finally spoke to a technician. He took my details, said he would look into it, and promised to call me back on my mobile number in a few minutes. Needless to say, he never did.

I called them again this morning before leaving home to find out what had happened to my report from yesterday. Needless to say, the technician I spoke to (and I wish I had taken his name; I will always do that with Belgacom staff in future) had made no record of my call. That really is the last straw.

Not being in the office yet, I couldn’t give the technical details needed. I got them to promise to call me back mid-morning; but I am not holding my breath.

ETA: In fairness, they did call mid-morning and appear to have fixed the problem! Yay! But I am still unimpressed with their failure to do anything about it yesterday.

Meanwhile I am looking at the other service providers I can go to. If Telenet now cover Brussels (they didn’t last time I checked) they will get my business; they have been perfectly acceptable providers at home.

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  1. alexmc says:

    > Unfortunately (as I found when compiling a subset of tweets on Monday morning for an event the previous evening) Twitter’s memory is pretty shallow; to archive all of the Eastercon content at the time would have been pretty laborious, and by now it may be functionally impossible. Perhaps there are solutions here that I don’t know about.

    The project I was working on last year was a Twitter analytics system which should have been quite useful in recording tweets about a particular topic for subsequent reporting, analysis and statistics. If you have any suggestions for what would be useful to you at conventions then I am all ears.

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