Best Related Book

The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction, edited by and – Yee-hah!

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  1. coth says:

    There is a lot of good stuff in there, both old and new, and nothing I would particularly single out for dispraise. Of those I have read I particularly rated the McHugh (China Mountain Zhang), Gwyneth Jones (North Wind and White Queen), Hand (Waking the Moon), the Jo Walton trilogy, the Dunnett, and the Tiptree. Mendlesohn’s Diana Wynne Jones is very interesting.

    Having noted these are all female, and mostly fairly recent, I looked over the list again. Do I detect a recent effort to add strong contemporary female writers to your pile? If so, you have made good choices.

    Of those I have not read I would pick the Patrick O’Brian, Ian McDonald and Pratchett fiction, and the Gould non-fiction, based on my previous acquaintance with the authors. Banks, Mieville and Reynolds have a good chance too. Most of the others will fall to lack of time or interest.

    Guy Gavriel Kay’s Song for Arbonne is one that divides opinion. I hated it worst of all his books; others love it best. I guess you will have to make up your own mind.

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