Bike ride

Feeling very virtuous, and also a little tired, as I managed my first bike ride of the year. Not that I got very far, only to the Doode Bemde nature reserve, then the villages of Neerijse and Korbeek-Dijle, with much dismounting and pushing the bike up the hills and through the muddy bits, but it was probably about 8 km and made me feel a bit less horribly unfit. As well as being half-decent weather it’s also the first day for four weeks that I’ve really felt well enough to try, and I’m glad I did.

PS – beware, the Doode Bemde site I linked to above sings a little chant when you open it.

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  1. Yes – in the Members’ Dining Room, looking out the window from which Faulkner and Craig addressed the masses after Stormont was suspended in 1972.

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