Birthday and crocodile

We celebrated B’s birthday last weekend, and the weather was good enough to celebrate outside:

The two big presents were a crocodile-shaped water-sprinkler (of which more below) and some bubble mixture. B being as she is, no actual pictures of her from her birthday (though agin, more below) but the bubble mixture was enyoyed by U:

And more directly by F:

though we must discourage him from bombarding guests with newly blown bubbles:

Later he seized control of the camera – note picture of uncle R and uncle R’s friend from the angle of a six-year-old:

And a study of his grandmother:

Yesterday it was time to take out the crocodile-shaped sprinkler. I am indebted to F for this exciting documentary (9 MB avi) showing how the water flows from tap to sprinkler, with his big sister playing in it. We have a number of much shorter movie clips too (.8 MB, .7 MB, 1.1 MB, .5 MB, 3 MB). And plenty of photographic evidence of just how much fun it is to have a sprinkler like that:

Weather’s less good today, but we are off in hope to a garden party.

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