Bits and bobs

  1. Is this legal?

    Due to the large number of applications we are receiving and the particular nature of the position, please only apply if you hold a degree from any of the following institutions:

    • Oxford University
    • Cambridge University
    • University of Edinburgh
    • London School of Economics

    Although I clearly am qualified on that basis alone, I’m not sure I would ever want to work somewhere whose management thought that way.

  2. The local elections in Georgia have been called for October 5th. Election observers will probably be needed.
  3. I think that one of the “lunatic fringes” to which Chris Priest referred in his GoH speech to last year’s Worldcon has just expanded to include most of fandom. [edited to add: I should make clear that I myself do not regard the people concerned as in any way lunatic.]
  4. has an interesting observation about Rose’s story arc in Doctor Who. Go read it.
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  1. inulro says:

    Which leads to the idea of telling the stories of Casablanca and The Secret Garden from the non-white folks’ point of view. If I wasn’t so lazy.

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