Blue flags on LibraryThing

Looking through my reviews on LibraryThing I found to my alarm that seven of them have been flagged as “not a review”. I had no idea that this system was in operation, and no idea until I checked that my reviews had been flagged in this way; in addition, I would defend each of the flagged reviews as being very definitely a review – one of them is actually pretty substantial:

Actually *is* a review!

Links to a review on my site or my blog!

It seems to me that the blue flagging system adds no value whatsoever to LibraryThing; the fact that you aren’t told when your review has been flagged and that there is no apparent way of unflagging incorrectly flagged reviews makes it even worse. It should simply be scrapped.

Edited to add: Well, you can now undo a blue flag, which is better than nothing!

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  1. tamaranth says:

    have just reread the whole Niccolo series in a week — I read them at 2-yr intervals as they were published, and missed / forgot a lot — and though I don’t love this series as much as the Lymond books, I’m swept away by the complexity of plot, cast of thousands, and almost over-indulgent sensory descriptions.

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