Strongly recommend, if you have the time and patience, the Boekenfestijn currently in the Brabanthal near Leuven. Young F and I spent the morning there, and came away laden with cut-price goodies – not just books, but games and craft kits as well. The downside is that the Brabanthal is not that easy to get to without a car (though there are fairly regular buses from Leuven station) and that the internal sorting of the goods is not very thorough (hence my comment about the patience). But a good bit of bookshop therapy to start the weekend.

One thought on “Boekenfestijn

  1. I pronounce ant/aunt differently, the same way I distinguish plant/flaunt.

    I’m less certain about wine/whine, as I’m not technically a native speaker and ‘w’ can still give me difficulties. I think I pronounce wine closer to “vine” and whine closer to “uaine”, but I’m not sure..

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