Books acquired in June

Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale by Russell T. Davies
Oracle by Ian Watson
The Sycorax (Doctor Who Files 4) by Stephen Cole
The Slitheen (Doctor Who Files 3) by Jacqueline Rayner
Rose (Doctor Who Files 2) by Jacqueline Rayner
The Doctor (Doctor Who Files 1) by Stephen Cole
Dalek I Loved You by Nick Griffiths
Malpertuis by Jean Ray
"Torchwood": The Sin Eaters by Brian Minchin
Five Have a Mystery to Solve by Enid Blyton
Girl Genius Volume 8: Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones by Phil Foglio
Y: The Last Man Vol. 10 – Whys And Wherefores by Brian K. Vaughan
The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle by Jim Butcher
The Host by Peter Emshwiller
The Hidden War by Michael Armstrong
Doctor Who – Forever Autumn (Doctor Who) by Mark Morris
Doctor Who – The Last Dodo (Doctor Who) by Jacqueline Rayner
Doctor Who: The Pirate Loop by Simon Guerrier
Doctor Who – The Price Of Paradise (Doctor Who) by Colin Brake
Doctor Who – Sick Building (Doctor Who) by Paul Magrs
Doctor Who Sting of the Zygons by Stephen Cole
Doctor Who – Wetworld (Doctor Who) by Mark Michalowski
Doctor Who: Wishing Well by Trevor Baxendale
Doctor Who The Art of Destruction by Stephen Cole
Doctor Who Wooden Heart by Martin Day
Adventures on the High Teas: In Search of Middle England by Stuart Maconie
The IRA: A History by Tim Pat Coogan
The Corinthian Project: Decide Your Destiny No. 4 ( " Doctor Who " ) by Davey Moore
Diaspora by Greg Egan
Woman Warrior, the by Maxine Kingston (1998)
Millennial Rites (Doctor Who Missing Adventures) by Craig Hinton
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Doctor Who Quiz Book of Dinosaurs by Michael Holt
Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a Family by Thomas Mann
Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks, by Terrance Dicks
Doctor Who – Warriors of the Deep, by Terrance Dicks
Doctor Who – Terminus, by John Lydecker
Doctor Who and the Invisible Enemy, by Terrance Dicks
Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors, by Brian Hayles
Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters, by Terrance Dicks
Doctor Who – Full Circle, by Andrew Smith
Eyeless in Gaza by Aldous Huxley
The Pollinators of Eden by John Boyd
Moment of Eclipse by Brian W Aldiss
The Atlas of Climate Change: Mapping the World’s Greatest Challenge by Kirstin Dow
Decalog: Ten Stories, Seven Doctors, One Enigma (Doctor Who) by Mark Stammers
Short Trips and Side Steps (Doctor Who (BBC Paperback)) by Jacqueline Rayner
Short Trips (Doctor Who Series) by British Broadcasting Corporation
A Princess of Roumania by Paul Park
Trading Futures (Doctor Who) by Lance Parkin
Byzantium! (Doctor Who) by Keith Topping
The Emperor’s Babe: A Novel by Bernardine Evaristo
Doctor Who: Endgame by Terrance Dicks 
Doctor Who: Verdigris by Paul Magrs
Doctor Who: Zeta Major by Simon Messingham
Doctor Who and the Face of Evil
Doctor Who and the Creature from the Pit
Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion
Doctor Who and the Planet of Evil
Doctor Who and the Planet of the Spiders
Doctor Who and the Krotons
Doctor Who – Castrovalva
Doctor Who Programme Guide Volume 2
by Jean-Marc Lofficier
About Time 3: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who (Seasons 7 to 11), 2nd edition by Tat Wood
The Restoration Game by Ken MacLeod
Serenity, Vol. 2: Better Days by Joss Whedon
The Inner Shrine: a Novel of Today by Basil King
The Vorkosigan Companion by Lillian S Carl
Loven-Boven geschiedenis der stad Leuven by François Stas
Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine
Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers – Vol 04 (Fables) by Bill Willingham
War and Pieces: 11 (Fables) by Bill Willingham
Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea by Guy Delisle
The Ancient Languages of Europe by Roger D. Woodard
1632 by Eric Flint
Resistance: A Novel by Anita Shreve
The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio
Schlock Mercenary: The Body Politic: 2009 Hugo Reader Copy by Howard Tayler
Confession of Zeno by Italo Svevo
"Doctor Who": Revenge of the Judoon by Terrance Dicks
Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers
Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything: Or Old Bob Exposes His Ignorance by Robert Anton Wilson
What It Is We Do When We Read Science Fiction by Paul Kincaid
The History of Tom Jones: A Foundling by Henry Fielding

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