British Helsinki Human Rights Group

“For the BHHRG, monitoring human rights and democracy seems to consist of waiting what the United States and Great Britain are saying, and then saying the opposite.”

“Basically, if a cartoon version of Edmund Burke were divined into existence and asked to monitor elections in regions outside Western Christendom, the result would be BHHRG. In the former Soviet bloc, this means they expect voters to prefer Slavophiles over Western reformers — and if they prefer the latter, it must be because of perfidious Western interference.”

“BHHRG is a perfect example of how easy it is to pull the wool over people’s eyes with a simple name. To put it plainly, just because you have “human rights” in your name doesn’t mean that’s what you really care about. I’ve encountered their slime in the past. Then, as now, BHHRG is much more interested in criticizing the West than advancing human rights and they will employ any tools to do so.”

And a more balanced piece in The Guardian.

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