Brother and Sister, by Joanna Trollope

Second paragraph of third chapter:

Ralph thought of all those weekends spent cajoling David to help him in the garden.

A novel about grownup siblings who have always known that they were adopted, and decide to find out about their birth parents, upending existing relationships with their adopted family and their spouses. I don’t have personal experience of adoption myself, and I wonder whether Trollope really does either; the plot had no surprises and I didn’t feel that the characters’ reactions to their new self-knowledge rose much above cliche.

It’s a long time since I read any Joanna Trollope, and in fact it looks like I haven’t read any of her novels since I started bookblogging in 2003. My memory is that they were mostly better than this.

This was the most popular book by a woman on my unread shelves. I’ve now acquired Mary Beard’s SPQR which is next on that particular list.