Buffy plot element query

Someone told me last night that Parker Abrams was originally supposed to have been the Mayor’s son. (“my father died last year… there was, well, a lot of stuff that he didn’t finish. It make me think about, you know, living for now.”) Is this a widely held theory?

One thought on “Buffy plot element query

  1. Not everyone agrees that The Caves of Androzani is the best Who story ever

    I’m one of those who still thinks it’s the best, even after everything that ‘new’ Who has produced (although there are a few stories, such as Midnight, which would probably come close for me)

    And you’ve summed up The Twin Dilemma perfectly. It was appalling on every level (I rewatched it several years ago just to find out if it really was that bad. And it was worse!). My parents would watch Doctor Who with me when I was a kid (strange fact, I was born on the same night that the last episode of The Keeper of Traken was shown), and I do remember bits of Davison’s stories and remember liking him as the Doctor. But what was an even more distinct memory for me was that I not only really disliked Colin Baker in the role, but was actually afraid to watch him. I’m almost convinced that this is because of the events of The Twin Dilemma!

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