Bullet Time, by David McIntee

Second paragraph of third chapter:

A plane coming into Kai Tak took a perilous descent between Hong Kong's skyscrapers, pulled a 90-degree turn to avoid running straight into Diamond Hill, and then tried not to drop off the end of the runway into Kowloon Bay.

The final Seventh doctor novel in terms of continuity, actually it is much more about Sarah Jane Smith in Hong Kong just before the 1997 handover, getting sucked into what at first appears to be a criminal conspiracy but turns out to be the work of aliens – well, one alien in particular… I felt that Hong Kong itself was well conveyed, and the plot had enough twists involving characters I was interested in to make up for the fact that it’s relatively light on the Doctor. I’m also not in general a big fan of the Seventh=Doctor-as-cosmic-manipulator, but it worked OK here. However, certain events at the end don’t sit so well in overall Who continuity.

This is the last of the Seventh Doctor novels, in terms of internal continuity. That still leaves a few Eighth Doctor and other pre-New Who novels, apart from those I have already read. The next will be the Telos novella Rip Tide, by Louise Cooper.