I’m attempting to get myself a bit more organised; who knows if this will work…

This is me thinking out loud about my work schedule for next week.
I’m most impressed by he way periodically posts
his schedule – I expect more for your own personal benefit than in the
expectation that friends and lovers will bookmark it for reference?
Anyway, it’s worth a try.

Meetings scheduled (too bloody many):

Monday 29th: lunch with Estonian diplomat and Euro-MP re Moldova.

mid-afternoon: lecture to audience of international (but mainly ex-Soviet) mid-level army officers about what we do at work.

late afternoon and evening: attending lecture by Vojin Dimitrijevic in Louvain-La-Neuve and then dinner at Baron Snoy’s chateau

Tuesday 30th: mid-morning lecture to Balkan municipal administrators about EU and Balkans

lunch with Liberal Euro-MPs re Balkans

early evening: Albanian Embassy reception

Wednesday 1st: possible breakfast with Balkan municipal administrators
(I may just skip this)
mid-morning meeting with Hungarian Euro-MP re Balkans etc
early afternoon meeting with Australian Ph D researcher re our advocacy style

Thursday 2nd: late morning meeting with EU civilian crisis management boss re our problems with Bosnian EU police mission

lunch with NATO staff working on Balkans

late afternoon meeting with Bosnia desk officer at European Commission

Friday 3rd: Nothing, yet.

Hmm, one dinner and three lunches, not bad! Perhaps I should try and fit in networking lunches on the other two days as well…

Other things I have to do:

tasks left over from this week:

  • Write to EU police commissioner in Bosnia
  • Edit Moldova report
  • Send draft Kosovo report to Luxembourg dplomat and make date for meeting
  • reclaim money from Brigham Young University
  • pay parking tickets
  • claim expenses from October work travel
  • do credit card reconciliation
  • advertise for vacancy in our Caucasus team
  • decide if and when to close our Skopje office

Things likely to hit my desk during next week:

  • Draft Macedonia report likely to be sent Monday or Tuesday, will require review and sending back to authors
  • Draft Kosovo report – frustratingly slow in arriving; is tying up both Belgrade and Pristina offices.
  • Situation in Ukraine may require some action from me (unlikely; we are not doing press interviews on it as we’re not involved)

Well, that’s been helpful. Perhaps I should also take a moment to review my scheduled trips abroad:

December 8-10: conference in Albania
possible following week: brainstorming at foreign ministry in Slovenia
Want to fit in Balkans tour early in the year, preferably just after Macedonia municipal elections in March.
April 1-4: work meeting in Washington (and so try to spend the week after in Washington and New York)
May 21st: wedding in Massachusetts (and so spend week before or after exploring east coast of US with Anne and children)

The planning continues.

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