Call me Doctor Bone Skull!

What Kind of Super-Villain Are You?
LJ Username
Pick An Evil Number
Pick An Evil Word
Pick An Evil Color
You Are A Black Knight
Your Evil Lair Is The Haunted Woods
Your Evil Name Is Doctor Bone Skull
Your Nemesis Is natural20
Your Evil Hardware of Choice Is Invisibility Potion
Your Partner In Crime Is nrivkis
This QuickKwiz by ezralitemikey – Taken 26042 Times.

New – How do you get a guy to like you?

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1 Response to Call me Doctor Bone Skull!

  1. brightglance says:

    Interesting to see your ancestor discussing the origins of the placenames. One not glossed by Hickson but easily identified is “the Island of Kerry”, now Castleisland.

    Is “(a painful serviceable gentleman)” her note or his? I am assuming his, and that painful = painstaking.

    The whole picture is very vivid; four centuries later I feel a bit sorry for the cows.

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