Calling Belgian residents

Zoe McCarthy (whose Boyfriend is a Twat) invites us all to a Belgian Bloggers Christmas Bash. She says,

If the Brits can have a Brit Blogger Christmas Party – than so can we!

Date: December 9th.
Time: 8pm onwards.
Venue: O’Farrels, Place Lux. (Could change.)

Please confirm if you’re coming [] and do pass this on to any other blogger you know of.

Feel free to pass on, as she says, and hope to see you there.

One thought on “Calling Belgian residents

  1. This sounds marvellous – my only doubt is how a new listener would keep track. I remember spending ages turning backward and forward in the narrative, to sort out my perception of what was happening
    I’ve a horrible feeling that i might still need to do that – since I haven’t read any of the volumes for several years

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