Catching up…

…after three weeks away. So seen in passing:

38 dishonest tricks to win an argument

The Museum of Hoaxes

Ursula Le Guin is backing Kerry (scroll down, a long long way)

How to present complex issues to President Bush

What if the government fell, and nobody noticed?

Thanks to the usual suspects.

One thought on “Catching up…

  1. Nicholas,

    For the nationalist vote you have to factor in dissenting republicans who didn’t stand for Westminster. The 2007 anti-policing dissident ticket would have brought the ‘nationalist’ vote to close to the 2005 Westminster vote.

    Maybe the small group who have stopped supporting SF post 2005 onwards, that had a choice in 2007 didn’t have any option in 2010?

    This could also account for some of why SF strongholds saw the largest % drop – voter drift that didn’t have an option?

    Just a thought.

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