Celtic New Year: Critters

Happy Samhain, to those who celebrate it.

I decided this time last year to keep a book log as a Celtic New Year resolution. It seems to have worked. So, based on that precedent, I’m making another Celtic New Year resolution now – to return to activity in Critters.

Critters is an on-line sf/f/h writers workshop. Every week you have the chance to critique a draft story by one of the other participants (or several stories, if you feel like it). The idea is that you would then use the opportunity (provided you’ve contributed three critiques for every four weeks you’ve been active) to run your own writing through the system.

Well, I’m not yet in a mental space where I’m doing much creative fiction writing, having abandoned an attempt at NaNoWriYe many months ago. However I think I can muster the ebergy to offer feedback on other people’s stories, and (as is aware) I’ve already started on this year’s resolution. Obviously the intention is that I will start trying creative writing of my own. But that can be next year’s resolution.

(And a belated grazie to , who first put me onto Critters, many years ago.)

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