Change of view

I’m sitting at a borrowed computer in the parliament buildings in Stormont, looking down the avenue past the sttue of Edward Carson making rude gestures to the south, in the midst of meeting politicians here to talk about my elections website.

Very productive meeting with a well-known Northern Ireland politician, who is, er, rather far from my own political position. But he gave me some excellent feedback: a) do a better front page with better indexing; and he’s quite right; and b) more analysis of transfers and of shifts between elections; and he’s also quite right. He also discouraged me from thinking about putting in a biographical directory of candidates; which was something I had been considering, but with some concern on my part as to whether or not the effort would be appreciated by potential consumers, such as an elected representative for East Belfast. We also discussed various other issues which will not be recorded here.

Off for more meetings now.

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