One thought on “Change

  1. Watched both Creature and City this week, and enjoyed both. Creature was a first time watch, City we’d rented awhileback (Jennie not as keen on Tom, so has less DVDs, whereas James has complete run and I’m borrowing his).

    Creature was insane–I agree about the pacing problem on the last bit, the whole “neutron star will kill us thing” really was a bolt on “we need another twenty minutes” problem, but it looked good, and the ideas were brilliant. And I liked the wolfweeds.

    Would love to see the Shada release, wonder if James has it, will have to ask. We’re not watching roughly the same stories at the same time, which is nice, I’ve not been watching in order this time around though, it’s “whatever James has liberated from the ex’s house” which. Am half way through Black Guardian at the moment, loved Terminus.

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