Cheered me up

One of our Balkan staff, who previously worked with the OSCE mission in his country, has been invited to a high-powered international conference next month. He sought permission to attend from both his boss and me (as his boss’s boss) and we both agreed instantly. He’s just sent us both a very nice thank-you note:

Many thanks for the [conference] participation approval. If I was still with the OSCE – I would never get approval, and by now the bossess would already start being jelous and hating me. Neither of you knows what it means to work for/with normal, nice people and true intellectuals, and not frustrated, self-obsessed control freaks and nutters that their own ministries have sent off as far as possible from home, hoping never to return…

The OSCE is a weird organisation. When it’s good, it’s very good. When it’s not good, nobody much notices.

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  1. “Well lads, if you really want that A level, you’re gonna have to tart up!”

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