I'm feeling much more chirpy now. I was very hungry and grouchy earlier in the evening and got out of it by cooking – steak and rice and chicons and peas and spinach for this evening, and marinading a big chunk of turkey for lunch tomorrow.

And we just watched an entire video together for the first time since U arrived sixteen months ago.

And it was a fantastic one as well – Chocolat, starring the ever wondrous Juliette Binoche. Brilliant bits include the north wind, the statue, the priest singing Elvis, the scene where Vianne and Anouk come downstairs and find the party being prepared (and the Count's awakening – in more ways than one – shortly after) and lots more.

And I see checking IMDB that Lena Olin was also in The Unbearable Lightness of Being along with JB. And Leslie Caron and JB were both also in Damage.

And every paragraph in this entry after the first starts with "and". Time for bed.

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  1. altariel says:

    I thought this one was a bit of a mess: meandered around and didn’t seem sure of its purpose. Some pretty passages.

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