Christmas 2001

(Backdated entry, obviously)

Dear All,

Once again our Christmas preparations are running decidedly late.  In fact I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have everything posted in time, although I’m sure I did experience pre-Christmas readiness at some point, probably while at primary school.


We have bought a house in Oud-Heverlee, a village just south of the university city of Leuven, 30 km east of Brussels. We were mainly motivated by the need to move close to the special school which Bridget now attends five days a week, but it has been good also to get away from the rather anonymous blandness of the dormitory suburb where we had lived for two and a half years.


Bridget, now four and a half, seems to really enjoy her school. She is in a class with five boys, all of whom have varying autistic-spectrum disabilities, with two full-time teachers, plus speech therapist, physiotherapist, and frequent music therapy. She enjoys swimming lessons with one of her classmates on Saturdays. She still doesn’t talk but finds other ways to play with us and let us know what she wants.


Fergal has no problems in that regard, and demands pancakes and/or ice cream loudly when the time appears right to him. He also believes in sharing his musical tastes with the rest of the world, via a toddler cassette player.


Anne is happily engaged in unpacking boxes, decorating the children’s bedrooms, practising Dutch, and getting to know the neighbours.  She has started attending a church at which she is one of the oldest worshippers.


Nicholas finished the year with a promotion at work, to take on more of a communications executive role within CEPS. He spent a day in Belfast the day after the June elections commenting on the results as they came in for RTE. Conferences during the year took him for the first time to Moldova and Israel, the latter combining with a visit to an old friend from Croatian days, Kate Moynihan, now working in Jerusalem. He claims original authorship of one clause in the Macedonian peace agreement signed in August.


Wishing you peace, joy and assurance in the year ahead,

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